Presentation Design For Physicians

doctor presentation

We attend a lot of medical conferences, and have seen a lot of doctors give presentations.  The content more often than not is really important, the delivery can run the spectrum.  Some doctors take the time to build and polish their powerpoints.  A lot do not.  Who can blame them?  It’s been our experience that doctors have more important things to do than format slides.

Powerpoint is like anything else.  The more time you spend with the program the better you’re going to get at it.  Doctors are smart enough to change their own oil in their cars but they usually pay someone to do it for them.  Why?  Because their time is better spent pursuing other endeavors.  The same is true with powerpoint.

If you are a physician who has to give a presentation and you need someone to take your ideas and content and turn it into a meaningful learning experience, checking out Clinical Education Concepts (CEC) is worth a couple moments of your time.

CEC works with the medical community in building and polishing presentations.  Clinical Education Concepts.

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