Patient Education Literature

Brochure Cover

Below Knee Prosthetics: Preparing Your Residual Limb for Prosthetic Use (CEC Demo BK Px) is a 16-page, patient-education brochure that can be customized with your brand.

The front and back cover will feature your logo and contact information.  The 3rd page is reserved for your story.  It will be about who you are and what you do.   Tell everyone what sets you apart and why your brand is important.  Your educational material is part of your message – your branding.  Make sure it’s an accurate representation of your reputation.

Our content is written for patients.  The brochure clearly explains the prosthetic process from the beginning.  There is a glossary and section of frequently asked questions.  The questions can be changed to meet your preferences and the content can be revised to reflect the way you practice.  The prosthetic process the patients learn about will be yours.

There are two versions of the brochure available: Clinical and Athletic.  The text in both versions is the same, the layouts are different.  The Athletic version features images of an active patient population.  The Clinical version is designed around the prosthetic process with images of casting, measuring, and gait analysis.

Need an order form?   BK Literature Order Form



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